Marianna Herrhofer

Maybe, we are often afraid to follow the fashion immediately ... maybe we are a bit reluctant to it, even though only our eyes need to get used to it. I'm trying to create transition. My clothes are pure and simple. While I try to follow the latest trends, I try to put my own style, my own taste into the clothes! Besides I create comfortable and stylish wear (in my own style) from high quality materials which is available and wearable for "ordinary" people.


When we are children, we fantasize many times about what we will be as grownups - princesses, zoologists, doctors, top models, or something like that. I've had these kind of ideas, but over time we grow out of them. As a child I changed my clothes 10 times a day, my parents told me. I wanted to be a princess too and a fashion designer. Over time, I realized Cinderella exists only in fairy tales, so I left my wish behind me. Something, however, hasn’t changed. I have always dreamed of my own brand! I loved dressing up... I would have loved to dress up, because I came from a poor family, so it was not so easy. So I thought the best way to do this is to go to a women's clothing school, where I can realise my – anyway - extravagant style, and I can try myself out.

Years have passed, and 10 years ago I started to deal with the production of costumes, unique clothes. At last I could try myself out. I think I can say that my clothes are among the best in this area – from the perspective of both quality, stylishness, beauty, simplicity, femininity and elegance.

Now, after so many years of practice, I wanted a new, a bigger challenge. 


I create my clothes for those open-minded people who want to dress after the latest fashion trends. Who want to look different than the usual, however they would like to dress in a feminine, elegant, stylish way.

"Sometimes less is more"

I want the girls steal the spotlight by wearing a dress! ;)